Produce the lean way

Utilize our production services to be faster, more reliable and scalable with reduced costs. With our all-embracing production network you are able to produce your product completely digital.

Orchestrate the production for your product using all possible production processes

What we offer:

  • Purchasing Platform for raw materials, components, moduls and products
  • Manufacturing network with manufacturing sites all over the world
  • Market place where you can orchestrate your production process digitally
  • Have complete cost control through exact accounting of your costs
  • Pay only per produced product
  • Define quality criteria on your own
  • Product produced exactly the way you want
  • Produce the lean way and outsource your production to our manufacturing network

Platform for raw materials and components

In addition to production services, you can source raw material and components through assemblean. We offer you a procurement platform where you can source all the parts you need, from raw material to the finished product. If the component/ material you are looking for is not directly available from us on the platform, we will be happy to source it for you!

How to get started?

Step 1

Orchestrate production processes

Step 2

Upload technical documents

Step 3

Define requirements

Step 4

Get quote

Step 5

Release production process

Step 6

Confirm order

Step 7

Track production progress

Step 8

… we do the rest until you receive your product

Create your product digitally

Design and engineer your product - we provide the services to make your idea a reality. With over 150 partners and 3 in-house production sites we offer the infrastructure of the production of the future. Get your innovation way faster on the market and concentrate on what is really important - your product - while we make sure to produce it exactly the way you want.

We support you with your project

Having questions about our services or need support regarding the manufacturability of your product? Get in touch with us! Call us directly on +49 5251 5452029 or mail us:

Protect your IP

Benefit from our production network in order to protect your IP. With in-house production sites and our specifically designed assistance systems we are able offer the best services regarding the protection of all your important data. With the help of our specifically developed assistance systems, we ensure that your intellectual property remains protected.

Automated quality control

All production process are controlled via our specifically designed assistance system, which real-time checks the production process and the geometry of the part. All personnel receive specific individual instructions regarding your product.

Scale your business way faster

Do not let production or suppliers be your bottle neck for growing your business. With assemblean you can scale form small-lot production to mass production on the fly. Just increase the order volume and we will take care of the rest.

Start now and make your innovation a reality!

To the purchasing platform

For all engineering industries

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Robotics
  • Health
  • Process industry
  • Consumer products